Times Square

Deadly Times Square crash: Suspect pleads not guilty

A man accused of intentionally plowing his vehicle into a crowded Times Square sidewalk pleaded not guilty Thursday to murder charges.

Suspect in deadly Times Square crash pleads not guilty

A man accused of intentionally mowing down pedestrians on a Times Square sidewalk is due in court.

'I was trying to get help,' Times Square driver says in jailhouse interview

The maniac driver who mowed down pedestrians in Times Square knew he was losing his marbles in the weeks leading up to his senseless rampage, he told The Post during an exclusive jailhouse interview on Saturday.

Deadly Times Square attack highlights NYC pedestrian safety

Fears of a terrorist attack prompted officials to ring many of the pedestrian plazas of Times Square with squat steel posts capable of stopping a speeding vehicle.

‘Where’s Trump?’ Naked raving man in Times Square NYC livestream (VIDEO)

Broadway was upstaged by a naked man strutting his stuff atop a ticket booth in New York City’s Times Square, with police becoming unlikely extras in his revealing performance as they attempted to bring him down in front of a crowd. Read Full Article at RT.com