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At least five killed following flash floods in Athens

Flash floods on the outskirts of Athens have converted roads into raging torrents of mud and debris, killing at least five people and inundating homes and businesses.

Steve Jobs would be thrilled -- Adobe will pull the plug on Flash by 2020

The end is nigh for Adobe's Flash software.

Flash death: Adobe killing reviled plugin by 2020

Adobe is dropping the axe on Flash, announcing that the little-loved – and in many cases, like that of Apple’s Steve Jobs, actively loathed – plugin is on its last legs. Flash will officially be put out of its misery in 2020, Adobe confirmed today, having already been forced out of contention from mobile. However, the company is also calling … Continue reading

'Harry Potter' star Tom Felton joins 'The Flash'

Tom Felton will be making magic on the CW this fall. The Harry Potter star has joined the cast of the upcoming third season of The Flash , a rep confirmed to Mashable . The news was first reported by TVLine . The site notes that Felton is expected to make his Flash debut early in Season 3, which premieres Oct. 4. SEE ALSO: A look at the huge changes that could take place when Flashpoint comes to ...

Apple blocks outdated versions of Adobe Flash - CNET

Mac OS X users with the Flash plug-in installed in Safari will need to make sure they're running the latest version.

Safari 10 to turn off Flash by default

Apple's Safari is driving another nail in the coffin of Adobe Flash by no longer telling websites that offer both Flash and HTML5 that the plug-in is installed on users' Macs. The Mac maker is planning similar measures with other plug-ins like Java, Silverlight and QuickTime. This move will force websites with both plug-in and HTML5-based media implementations to use their HTML5, it said. When Sa...

Google wants to kick Flash to the curb in Chrome this fall

A new proposal from Google shows that the company is planning to ditch Flash for HTML5 by default in Chrome, whenever possible. The idea is that, come Q4 2016, the browser will display HTML5 content for interactive experiences and video when it’s available and rely on Flash as a last resort – and in those cases, it will ask users if they’re okay with allowing Flash to run. The proposal states tha...