Patsy Palmer

Palmer Luckey, Oculus co-founder, is leaving the company

Although it now shares the limelight with rival HTC Vive, Oculus will most likely be forever remembered as the startup that started this new virtual reality wave. Now owned, by Facebook, the company has been involved in a few controversies lately, and most of them can perhaps be attributed to its co-founder, Palmer Luckey. The public face of the Oculus … Continue reading

Man tells of PC Palmer's final moments

Captain Mike Crofts gives an emotional interview on the "BBC Breakfast" show, recounting the last moments of Keith Palmer who died in the London terror attack.

Antonio Brown will honor Arnold Palmer with an awesome pair of custom cleats

In the words of Antonio Brown, getting fined by the NFL is "nothing to a boss." The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver — who was fined for twerking and wearing baby blue cleats in a game earlier this month — plans to honor the late Arnold Palmer on Sunday with a fresh pair of cleats. But Brown may not have to reach for his checkbook for wearing these cleats. SEE ALSO: Rainbow appears over Arnold P...

Rainbow appears over Arnold Palmer's hometown on the day his ashes are spread

Golf fans mourned when Arnold Palmer, a legend in the sport, died Sunday at age 87. But it appears the "The King," as he was known, left us with one final miracle. Palmer's ashes were spread Thursday in his native Pennsylvania — shortly before a beautiful rainbow apparently stretched over the town where the golf icon was born. SEE ALSO: The strange saga of the ex-porn star and the fake sports col...

Arnold Palmer: The Life and Legacy on Tour Confidential -

New York Times Arnold Palmer: The Life and Legacy on Tour Confidential One of the first superstars of the TV age, Arnold Palmer was like nothing the sports world had ever seen before. by GOLF WIRE. Twitter. Posted: Mon Sep. 26, 2016. Install App. Every Sunday night, conducts an e-mail roundtable with writers from ... Memories of a larger-than-life figure Golf Channel Arnold Palm...