Gisele Bundchen clarifies Super Bowl comment, says Patriots didn't 'let' Eagles win

Gisele Bundchen is setting the record straight and is tired of her words getting “twisted.”

Go Eagles! Tom Brady and the Patriots are not the center of the universe

It’s time for New England Patriot fans to stop flattering themselves by thinking there are millions of football fans around our nation who expend energy on hating their beloved football team.

Philadelphia doughnut shop makes greased pole doughnut for Eagles fans

People can now eat the Crisco-smeared poles instead of climb them.

Empire State Building lights up to honor Eagles, Patriots and New Yorkers are not happy

The Empire State Building’s Twitter account received heavy backlash Sunday night after a picture was posted showing the landmark lit up in colors of the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles' Marcus Johnson baptized in hotel pool with teammates by his side

Marcus Johnson, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, was baptized in a swimming pool Thursday with the support of several of his teammates.