Darkest Hour

Biden suggests Trump's allowing 'darkest forces of America' to take over

Joe Biden, vice president for Barack Obama and a former Democratic president candidate, is among the latest to criticize President Trump for his response to the deadly Virginia protests, suggesting the president has allowed the “darkest forces in America” to undo years of progress on civil rights.

Comcast Verizon merger would truly be the darkest timeline

These days, you hear a lot of jokes on the internet about the citizens of the world (or at least the US) heading down the “darkest timeline.” It’s easy to believe it, too, with important things like healthcare and net neutrality potentially at risk through new legislation. Now, Citibank analyst Jason Bazinet has penned an opinion that Comcast should purchase … Continue reading

No, tonight won't be the darkest night

This is definitely a case of the facts getting in the way of a sexy headline.