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Spanish cops kill knife attacker

A police officer shot dead a man armed with a knife as he tried to attack a police station in Catalonia yesterday, just days after the

IS claims attacks on police in Chechnya

Armed assailants injured several policemen in attacks in three locations in the Russian republic of Chechnya yesterday, as the Islamic

'We are in a mess'

Former UN chief Kofi Annan, who died on Saturday, lashed out at the state of global leadership in an exclusive interview with AFP last year, urging more cooperation to deal with terrorism, migration and climate change.

Europe must 'pay price' to save nuke deal

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said yesterday that Europe had not yet shown it was willing to "pay the price" of defying Washington in order to save the nuclear deal.

Farage returns to fight Brexit plan

Nigel Farage, who spearheaded the drive to get Britain out of the EU, yesterday announced he was returning to the fray in a bid to

Accused charged with attempted murder

A British man accused of a terror attack after driving into a barrier protecting the Houses of Parliament faces investigation for attempted murder, police said yesterday. Three people were injured when the 29-year-old, named by media as Salih Khater, drove over a pavement and into cyclists before crashing into the barrier on Tuesday morning.

Brace for more warm weather through 2022

Manmade global warming and a natural surge in Earth's surface temperature will join forces to make the next five years exceptionally hot, according to a study published Tuesday.

Over 100 newspapers to publish editorials

More than 100 publications across the US will publish editorials rejecting Donald Trump's repeated attacks on the press. The move is part of a coordinated effort by the Boston Globe's editorial board to denounce the president's claim that the media "is the enemy of the American people".

Vienna tops list

Austria's capital Vienna has beaten Melbourne to be ranked the "world's most liveable city" in a new annual survey released Monday, ending the southern Australian city's seven-year reign.

Corbyn trades barbs with Netanyahu

A furore over alleged anti-semitism in Britain's main opposition party widened when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn exchanged accusations on Twitter over Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed.

'At least 35' killed

At least 35 people were killed when a motorway bridge collapsed in torrential rains yesterday morning over buildings in the northern Italian port city of Genoa, Italy's ANSA news agency cited fire brigade sources as saying.

Amnesty begins probes after 2nd staff suicide

Rights group Amnesty International said yesterday it would conduct "full and independent external inquiries" into the suicides of two of its staff in the last three months.

Spain festival collapse injures hundreds

Panic erupted at a packed music festival in Spain when a section of a wooden promenade suddenly collapsed, injuring more than 300

US courts UK to ditch support for Iran deal

The United States yesterday urged Britain to ditch its support for a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and instead join forces with Washington to

Caspian Sea nations sign landmark deal

The leaders of the five states bordering the resource-rich Caspian Sea signed a landmark deal yesterday on the legal status of the inland sea which boasts a wealth of oil and gas reserves and sturgeon.

Chaos in Seattle

A "suicidal" mechanic stole an empty passenger plane from the Seattle-Tacoma airport late Friday, took it for a brief flight that included

Largest penguin colony shrinks

The planet's largest colony of king penguins has declined by nearly 90 percent in three decades, alarmed researchers said Monday.

'Terrible mistake'

In a slip of the tongue during his maiden trip to China as Britain's new foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt yesterday told his Chinese counterpart that his wife was Japanese, but backtracked quickly.

Ecuador, UK in talks over Assange's fate

Ecuador is in talks with Britain over the fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up at Ecuador's embassy in London since 2012 when he was granted political asylum, the country's president said in an interview published yesterday.

1,200 migrants rescued off Span coast in 2 days

Spain yesterday said it had rescued more than 1,200 migrants from the sea in two days as the country's interior minister called for a European-wide solution to illegal immigration. Earlier Saturday, the maritime rescue service said on Twitter it had rescued 334 people from 17 boats. On Friday coastguards picked up 888 people in a single day.

Catalan ex-leader back in Belgium

Catalonia's deposed president Carles Puigdemont yesterday vowed to "defend the just cause of the Catalan people" as he held a news

Romania minister apologises

A Romanian minister yesterday apologised for having compared the incineration of dead pigs infected with African-swine-fever to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Astronomers confirm Einstein's key theory

A consortium of astronomers said yesterday they had for the first time confirmed a prediction of Albert Einstein's theory of general

400 storm Spain's Ceuta border

Some 400 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa reached Spain yesterday after storming a double barrier between Morocco and the Spanish territory of Ceuta, with some attacking security forces with quicklime, police said.

IS blasts, raids kill 215

Islamic State militants killed more than 200 people in a coordinated assault on a government-held area of southwestern Syria yesterday, local officials and a war monitor said, in the group's deadliest attack in the country for years.

Greek wildfires toll rises to 79

At least 79 people died in huge wildfires around Athens, Greek authorities said yesterday, as rescuers scoured scorched homes and

IS claims deadly Toronto attack

The Islamic State group yesterday claimed responsibility for a weekend shooting that killed two people in Canada's Toronto. Faisal

British PM May takes control of Brexit talks

Prime Minister Theresa May announced Tuesday she will take personal control of Brexit negotiations with the EU, as time runs out to get

207 environmental activists killed last yr

More than 200 environmental activists were murdered last year as government-sponsored killings linked to lucrative projects by vast

Interior minister faces grilling

The most damaging scandal of Emmanuel Macron's presidency deepened yesterday as his interior minister faces a grilling over his response to a top security aide caught on video striking a young man at a Paris protest in May.