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‘US, China, Russia making world more dangerous’

Germany’s president took an indirect swipe at US President Donald Trump yesterday in accusing Washington, China and Russia of stoking global mistrust and insecurity with a “great powers” competition” that could threaten a new nuclear arms race.

Firefighting plane crashes in Australia

Three American crew helping to battle Australia’s devastating bushfires were killed yesterday when their water-bombing plane crashed in mountainous terrain during a sortie to tackle another outbreak of the deadly blazes.

Weinstein a ‘seasoned’ sexual predator, rapist

Harvey Weinstein was a “seasoned” sexual predator and rapist who abused his power as a movie-producing titan to prey on vulnerable aspiring actresses, prosecutors said Wednesday as his trial heard from its first witness.

MPS back Putin’s reforms

Russian lawmakers yesterday unanimously approved a sweeping constitutional reform bill put forward by President Vladimir Putin in its first reading.

Global resource consumption tops 100b tonnes for first time

The world is using up more than 100 billion tonnes of natural resources per year for the first time ever while global recycling of raw materials has fallen, according to a report released yesterday.

UK PM tastes first defeat

British Prime Miniater Boris Johnson on Monday suffered his first parliamentary defeat since the election when peers voted to give EU citizens physical proof of their right to stay after Brexit.

45m need urgent food aid in southern Africa: UN

Roughly 45 million people in southern Africa are in urgent need of food aid as a result of drought, flooding and economic hardship, the UN said yesterday.

German police probe motorcycling ‘Hitler’

German police said they were investigating after a man dressed as Adolf Hitler rode around a weekend festival in a motorbike sidecar, although he provoked more amusement than outrage.

Harry, Meghan criticised after royal crisis summit

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan faced fresh criticism yesterday in the wake an emergency royal meeting to discuss their shock announcement to step back from frontline royal duties.

Oceans were hottest on record in 2019

The world’s oceans were the hottest in recorded history in 2019, scientists said yesterday, as manmade emissions warmed seas at an ever-increasing rate with potentially disastrous impacts on Earth’s climate.

EU envoys spurn ‘guided tour’ of Indian Kashmir

The European Union refused to take part in a rare diplomatic visit to Indian Kashmir that started yesterday because they will not be allowed to meet detained local politicians, reports said.

No sign of cooler weather or rain

Australia’s weather agency yesterday said it saw no sign of cooler weather or significant rainfall in the next few months, an unwelcome forecast for authorities who have warned that only a large downpour will halt bushfires sweeping across the country.

Snipers to cull up to 10,000 camels

Snipers took to helicopters in Australia on Wednesday to begin a mass cull of up to 10,000 camels as drought drives big herds of the feral animals to search for water closer to remote towns, endangering indigenous communities. Local officials in South Australia state said “extremely large” herds have been encroaching on rural communities -- threatening scarce food and drinking water, damaging inf...

Guaido calls for new Venezuela protests

Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido called Tuesday for three days of protests against President Nicolas Maduro, hours after he was sworn in for another term as National Assembly speaker following a standoff with the armed forces.

35 Turkish soldiers sent to Libya so far

Turkey has deployed 35 military personnel to Libya but they will not take part in any fighting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, according to local media yesterday.

2019 second hottest year on record: EU

2019 was the second hottest year on record and ended the hottest decade in history, the European Union’s climate monitoring service said yesterday.

‘Catastrophic’ conditions as bushfires rage in Australia

A scorching heatwave intensified bushfires ravaging parts of Australia yesterday, and out-of-control blazes surrounding Sydney worsened under “catastrophic” conditions.