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Witness lambasts Trump

Clint Watts, senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, says President Trump used active Russian measures against his opponents during the 2016 election.

You've never seen Africa like this before

On the ground in Cairo you might get distracted by the papyrus sellers or a view of the pyramids, but from above the city looks totally different.

737 co-pilot dies during landing

An American Airlines first officer died Wednesday after becoming incapacitated during the last phases of landing at Albuquerque, New Mexico, two people familiar with the situation said.

US Senate hearing on Russian election meddling

THE BIG STORIES: A Russian cloud hangs over Trump's White House. Republicans are picking up the pieces after their failed health care effort. And Democrats are ready for a war over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. We're covering the latest below.

Oxford to display more portraits of women

A new series of portraits celebrating women and ethnic minorities will soon adorn the walls of Oxford University.

Mysterious faces behind church organ

The removal of a massive church organ in Rhode Island has uncovered a 170-year-old mystery involving the carved faces of a woman.

The perilous road to safety for South Sudan's refugees

Since July, the influx of South Sudanese in Uganda has increased, causing the main settlements of Bidi-Bidi and Nyumanzi to fill in three months. More than 1.5 million South Sudanese refugees have fled to neighboring countries in the region, and around half are located in Uganda. More than two-thirds of South Sudanese refugees living in Uganda have arrived since the outbreak of violence in Juba i...

Dead bull shark washes up in flood

Some Queenslanders didn't take police warnings to stay out of flood waters very seriously -- until a bull shark washed up in the street.

The allies the US left behind

Regaining his senses, Matt Zeller checked his watch. It was 16:50, April 28, 2008. "[I thought] this is the day and the time and place I die," he remembered, years later.

Suspected explosive device blows up at court building

Canadian police think an improvised explosive device blew up Thursday at the same building as the provincial courthouse in Saskatoon.