Youth on trial for 'converting home into drug cafý' in UAE  08/02/2020 22:01:00  3  Ismail Sebugwaawo /Abu Dhabi
Youth, trial, converting home, drug caf, UAE

An Arab man is on trial at the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance for turning part of his home into a "drug cafe".

The court heard that the youth was receiving visitors at a room in his backyard to consume cannabis.

The man had allegedly told his family that he had converted the room into a place for smoking shisha and cigarettes instead of going out to expensive cafes.

Court documents stated that an undercover agent, disguising as a buyer, had contacted the man for drugs worth Dh2,000. The defendant was arrested as he handed 50g of crystal anaesthesia drugs to the undercover agent in exchange for cash. The defendant's accomplice, living in another city and supplying him with drugs, was also arrested. Prosecutors charged the two men with consuming, possession and dealing drugs.

Police found narcotic drugs packed in small plastic bags and a weighing scale at the man's house, which he had been using to weigh narcotics and psychotropic substances before distributing them to customers. They also found the caf where he hosted people to consume drugs. Four men present in the room consuming drugs were also arrested and charged with drug abuse.

The police also found that the man was preparing to establish a farm to grow cannabis plants. A reasonable amount of cannabis plant seeds was found at his home.

The verdict will be issued after hearing from all parties.

Ismail Sebugwaawo

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