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* Rep. Jay Hoffman, I’m told, is still holding out…

Update from inside @HouseDemsIL Caucus this morning voting on next House Speaker:@RepChrisWelch - 55 votes (needs 60)17 voted present

1 didnt vote

— Hannah Meisel (@hannahmeisel) January 13, 2021

…Adding… From comments…

Be patient. It takes time,

Oldsters will recall the number of ballots necessary in the contest for State Senate President between Thomas Hynes and Cecil Partee. That was a marathon.

That is true, but they have a ton of bills to pass before the current GA expires at noon.

What a mess.

*** UPDATE 1 *** They’re going back to the floor to vote on bills while Reps. Welch, Hoffman and Williams work things out.

*** UPDATE 2 *** After passing the criminal justice reform bill with just 60 votes on a roll call that seemed to take forever, the House Democrats are now heading back to caucus. Seemed like non-Welch Democrats were staying off the roll call for a while.

*** UPDATE 2 *** Press release…

Statement from Illinois Democratic Women, Illinois NOW, Chicago NOW, She Votes Illinois, We Will and Resistor Sisterhood and Vote Mama on the Speaker of the House race in Illinois

Women have made significant progress in advancing a legislative agenda in Illinois that addresses the most pressing needs of Illinois women, girls and working families in our state. We must recognize the value that women in leadership bring to that process. While we had hoped that the House Democrats would support a woman for Speaker of the House of Representatives, we recognize it is their choice to select someone who has the respect and trust of their caucus. We look forward to working with a leader who is a champion for the issues that are most important to us. We expect that as a new leadership structure is established a woman will be in one of the top roles and is diverse, inclusive, and honors the equality of all of the residents of Illinois. Finally, we are deeply grateful to the women who were not afraid to put themselves forward as candidates for Speaker and opened the conversation. Thank you to Representative Ann Williams, Representative Kathy Willis, and Representative Stephanie Kifowit.

* Press release…

The Illinois House Republican Womens Caucus released the following statement on the upcoming election for Speaker of the House:

We applaud the House Democratic women who are courageously trying to end the status quo and toxic culture in Springfield. We strongly urge them to stand strong for all the women in our state in electing a leader that will stand for the principles we have all been fighting for, not only for us, but for our daughters and future generations.

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