Worker stabs colleague in Dubai, faces murder bid charge  8/12/2018 2:33:37 PM  5  Marie Nammour /Dubai

An ironsmith was charged with attempted murder at a Dubai court after he allegedly stabbed an Afghan colleague with a knife in the abdomen.

On February 24, the�23-year-old Afghan had a brawl with his compatriot, aged�21. The latter hit him with a knife, inflicting a permanent finger injury on him. The 21-year-old worker was charged with assault on others' safety at the Court of First Instance.

Both of them were not present in court.

A policeman said: "We were alerted about a fight around 8:30pm at a farm in Al Marmoom area.

By the time we reached the scene, we found the second accused had been taken to hospital as he had a critical stab wound. The first defendant and another man (whose case was dismissed) had fled the scene."

The officer added that they seized the crime tool.

"We arrested the first defendant in the same area. He was bleeding from his hand. He confessed he stabbed the other man. We took him into custody," the officer said.

According to the forensic report, the man, who got stabbed in the abdomen, could have been killed due to the deep nature of the cut.

The victim's condition was not stable yet. The other man was also left with a permanent finger injury.

A 32-year-old Afghan, a driver, said they were all having dinner when a man (not charged in the case) insulted them. "At 7pm the next day, two of the men lured the main accused outside the room and assaulted him with sticks. They were upset because he broke the fight the day before."

The witness told the prosecutor he then told the workers to change their rooms and stay away from trouble as they were there for work. "I called the police later after the men started the fight.

I spotted the main accused stabbing one of them. The first defendant's hand was injured even before he stabbed the other worker."

The trial continues on September 9.

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