Woman Gives Birth In Red Sea, Stuns Onlookers, Photos Of Baby With Umbilical Cord, Placenta Attached Go Viral

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Pregnant woman on the beach
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Unknown is whether the woman intended to have a water birth.

A woman is said to have given birth in the Red Sea over the weekend, and photos captured by “stunned onlookers” have gone viral on social media. According to the Daily Mail on Tuesday, the woman and the newborn appeared to be “happy and healthy” after the water birth.

Cetusnews also reported on Tuesday that a Facebook user named Hadia Hosny El Said shared photos on Saturday of both the woman and the newborn emerging from the Red Sea. The photos on Facebook have since gone viral after being shared thousands of times and receiving “thousands of comments,” according to the report.

A handful of photos show the woman, who is said to be a Russian tourist visiting the small Egyptian town of Dahab, walking out of the Red Sea after giving birth, along with the newborn being carried out by the woman’s partner and another elderly gentleman — apparently, the woman’s father. Unconfirmed reports also suggest that the “older man may be a doctor,” according to the Express.

The Express also noted that a “bucket was on hand to catch the placenta,” leading to speculation that the woman had planned to give birth in the Red Sea.

Photos were apparently taken from a hotel balcony overlooking the Red Sea at a beach resort in the popular tourist city of Dahab, Egypt. A report on Arab News on Monday shares that the woman is shown wearing a “bikini swimsuit” as she emerged from the Red Sea waters, following the newborn, who’s shown with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached.

Incredible moment Russian tourist gives birth in the Red Sea https://t.co/FWx1oEkxfm

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) March 13, 2018

Onlookers are being described as stunned and shocked and say the woman had gone into the Red Sea “for a swim” before going into labor. The two men pictured carrying the newborn out of the Red Sea apparently helped with the delivery, and two photos on Ammon News show another young child “waiting on the beach,” according to the previously mentioned Cetusnews report.

“Another child was waiting on the beach before greeting the new arrival, with the mother joining a short time after in a touching family moment.”

A report on Enterprise again suggests that the woman was accompanied by a Russian doctor who reportedly “specializes in water births,” and the Ammon News report says that the “authenticity of the photos” has been verified by media outlets in Egypt.

According to a report on LADbible, comments on social media “praised” the woman for giving birth in the Red Sea and made note of the “beauty” and “easiness” of the water birth. LADbible also notes that the baby’s gender is not yet known, and the woman has not yet been identified.

The Daily Mail report says that the water birth in the Red Sea may have been “unexpected,” but BabyCentre gives a brief rundown of the history of water births, saying that giving birth in the sea is not a new idea. According to the BabyCentre article, legends state that Egyptian pharaohs were born in “shallow sea water.”

The Hollywood Life reported in 2015 that a pregnant Hawaiian native and spiritual healer named Dorina Rosin had actually planned to give birth in the ocean, which is larger than the sea, with the aid of a dolphin as her midwife.

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