Why Guaido official believes regime change in Venezuela is non-negotiable

 pbs.org  08/16/2019 00:08:42 

Carlos Vecchio:

Absolutely. I don't have any doubt that these will put more pressure inside of the Maduro regime and will help to force Maduro to further negotiation to facilitate a transition in our country.

So, it is important to highlight that these sanctions or this executive order is targeting the Maduro regime, is targeting the inner circle of Maduro and the people who are helping Maduro to stay in power. It's not against Venezuelans.

The second point that is important in my view, this executive order is protecting the Venezuelan assets here to avoid the looting of our nation, to preserve those assets in favor of Venezuela. And also, it is important to mention that this executive order allows transactions, you know, related to food and medicines, and humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan people. So, it's putting, you know, the pressure where it should be.

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