Why Dr. Terry Dubrow is seeing more patients for eye surgery procedures amid coronavirus

 pagesix.com  09/16/2020 19:46:19   Chelsea Hirsch

Dr. Terry Dubrow is back in action amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After a long few months in quarantine, Dubrow, 61, is back in production for a new season of “Botched” (the show is currently airing), starring in Season 2 of “License to Kill” and meeting patients for surgery again.

“Now that we’re wearing masks, [patients are] more focused on their eyes so a blepharoplasty used to be the fourth or fifth most common plastic surgery procedure  right now it’s way up there. It’s like two,” he recently told Page Six. “I’m still seeing a lot of people who have pent-up demand. A lot of people are wanting procedures to tighten up skin because they were just on lockdown for three months and sort of eating more carbs and stretching their skin out.”

Dubrow admitted he’s ready for a tweak himself.

“It’s funny  I haven’t had Botox since the pandemic and I was looking in the mirror the other day in my gym at home and I went, ‘Wow!'” he joked. “I turned to look in the mirror and I thought, ‘Oh, wow so this is what it looks like to get old. I better fix that!’ So I need to go in for my own Botox very soon, see these? What are these doing here? These haven’t seen my face for about 30 years!”

Sadly, his “Botched” sidekick Dr. Paul Nassif wasn’t at his beck and call during the pandemic to help him out as he told Page Six in April that he had an increase in consultations for facelift and eyelid procedures as well.

“I could [have called him], but you know, it’s like all focus on Brittany being pregnant,” he laughed. “I mean whatever, she’s having the baby, not you man. Relax.”

Nassif, 58, and his wife Brittany Pattakos are expecting a daughter. Her due date is Oct. 19.

Dubrow insists that fans who cannot make it to his Newport Beach, Calif., office or Nassif’s Beverly Hills office should do their research before going to a surgeon.

“I think people forget the term you get what you paid for,” he said of why patients routinely put themselves in unfavorable situations. “A lot of times they just assume you have a medical degree and everybody’s equally caring and equally skilled and equally trained when in reality there’s a big difference between a board-certified plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon operating out of their basement.”

“License to Kill” airs Saturdays at 6 p.m. ET on Oxygen and “Botched” airs Mondays on E! at 9 p.m. ET.

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