Who Is Norah O'Donnell? New Details On The Second Woman To Ever Anchor The CBS Evening News

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Norah O'Donnell used to be on 'CBS This Morning.'

She got her start on CBS This Morning and will soon start with the CBS Evening News. Who is Norah O'Donnell? 

The CBS news desks have gotten a shakeup recently thanks to the announcement that Norah ODonnell will be leaving her position at CBS This Morning to helm up the evening news on the network. ODonnell is now the second woman in the networks history to host CBS Evening News. The first was Katie Couric more than a decade ago. Hopefully, ODonnells run will fare better than Courics. Heres what else we know about Norah ODonnell.

1. The new president of CBS first announced the changes

According to CBS.com, Susan Zirinsky was named the new president of CBS in January 2019 and took over the role in March 2019. She was named president of the network after the former president, Les Moonves, resigned in disgrace after he was accused of sexual misconduct. Zirinsky announced that ODonnell would move to the CBS Evening News, while John Dickerson would move to 60 Minutes. Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil would replace ODonnell and Dickerson in the CBS This Morning chairs.

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2. Susan Zirinsky said she wanted to shake things up at the network

According to Seattle PI, Susan Zirinsky said that she wanted to shake things up at the network and introduce a whole new era. She wanted to get away from everything associated with Les Moonves and give CBS a whole new makeover. "This is a start of a new era for CBS News," Zirinsky said. "Breaking through the cacophony of voices and choices for news is quite extraordinary. And to take a venerable legacy network like CBS and help it break through the clutter was my goal. And how do you do that? You shake it up. I have the baseline, the phenomenal reporters of CBS News both domestically and abroad, but to take something that is very stuck in the past and take it to a new place is the goal.

3. Jeff Glor wasnt exactly happy about the news

The current anchor of the CBS Evening News, Jeff Glor, wasnt exactly thrilled to hear that Norah ODonnell would be taking over his role. According to Fox News, he refused to congratulate ODonnell for her new role, and promised to be bigger and better than she ever was, which is of course the totally mature thing to do. "You may have heard about the changes taking place here at CBS News about moves that impact colleagues, the unmatched evening news team, and me," Glor told his viewers, according to the outlet. "The outpouring of support from you has been everything and I thank you for that. I'd like to think we're all guided by something bigger than one moment and one broadcast. I have always wanted to do work that matters and still do. That is something that will never change. I have family, friends, and in the future, far more to share with all of you. It will be great, I promise, just as you are."

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4. Gayle King and Norah ODonnell were rumored to have a beef, too

According to Page Six, Gayle King and Norah ODonnell allegedly had a lot of beef, too, which was part of the reason why she was shifted to the evening news chair. According to the outlet, the two women dont get along because Gayle gets paid far more than Norah. While her colleague Gayle King just negotiated an $11 million-a-year salary to stay at CBS This Morning, were told that ODonnell is getting between $7 million and $8 million for the Evening News job, the outlet reported. ODonnell was previously making about $5 million on CBS This Morning, while were told Glor was pulling in less than $3 million.

5. But Gayle King denied the claims

According to People Magazine, Gayle King made it clear that she has nothing but respect for her colleague and friend. I have no beef with you. You have no beef with me. Tina Brown summed it up very nicely. She said, This never happens to men, this kind of cut-throat business. That the reality is its two great jobs for two great women, she said. And I also think I know that thats true, King told the outletCongratulations are in order for Norah ODonnell, then!

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