Whitney Cummings shares photo of her breast to thwart extortion attempt

 nbcnews.com  08/13/2019 13:59:00 

Comedian Whitney Cummings posted a picture of her breast Monday night after saying people who had possession of the photo were threatening to share and sell it if she didn't pay them.

Cummings wrote on both Twitter and Facebook that she had accidentally shared the picture, which shows her nipple, on her Instagram stories in April, but deleted it as soon as she realized the oversight.

She said some people who had screen grabbed the picture were threatening to share it. Some were trying to blackmail her, saying they would share it if she didn't pay them. And some were saying they were going to sell the photo.

"They all must think Im way more famous than I am, but they also must think Im way more easily intimidated than I am. If anyone is gonna make money or likes off my nipple, its gonna be me. So here it all is, you foolish dorks," Cummings posted with the picture in question, along with a screen grab of someone on social media asking "How much would it cost not to share this photo?"

"When a woman in the public eye is extorted, we have to spend time, money and energy dealing with it, hiring lawyers and security experts, and living with a pit in our stomach about when and how we will be humiliated," Cummings wrote. "Yall can have my nipple, but not my time or money anymore."

She said she wasn't going to share the names of the people trying to extort her "because some of them might be dumb kids" and "I wouldn't want the stupid ideas I had when I was a teenager to follow me around forever or else every time someone Googled me, they'd see me shoplifting a NO FEAR t-shirt."

Thank you everyone who sent me embarrassing pictures of yourselves to make me feel better about my embarrassing photo. It means the world to me, but I wouldn't freak out if you stopped sending me photos of your hairy balls.

 Whitney Cummings (@WhitneyCummings) August 13, 2019

Cummings later thanked her friends and fans for showing support by sending her embarrassing photos of themselves, some of which she retweeted.

Others expressed their support for Cummings decision with the hashtag #istandwithwhitney, to which Cummings responded: "Nobody is more bummed than me that #istandwithwhitney isnt about Whitney Houston."

Cummings said the attention has led to additional threats from people who said they had access to her iCloud.

"I'll be honest, I stand by most of my nudes. Frankly I'm way more embarrassed by all the inspirational quotes I've screen grabbed," she said.

Image: Elisha FieldstadtElisha Fieldstadt

Elisha Fieldstadt is a breaking news reporter for NBC News.

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