‘Where The Water Tastes Like Wine’ arrives on February 28th

 engadget.com  2/14/2018 9:41:00 PM 

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine will be released on February 28! That's... That's not very far away. https://t.co/QqHrQv5eFv

— Johnnemann

There's also a special 'Wayfarer' edition for $27, which includes digital copies of both an art book for download and the game's soundtrack by Ryan Ike. Which is pretty cool given how central music is in the game -- yes, in setting the tone for your character's peripatetic jaunt across America, but also in speaking about the American people themselves, eager to remix and reinterpret their histories. The title of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine notably surfaces in a late 60s song by the band Canned Heat, but it formulated much earlier.

"The title comes from a song, but really it comes from a whole tradition of songs," Johnnemann Nordhagen, founder of the game's studio Dim Bulb, told Engadget back in 2015. "The earliest known version of the song was recorded in 1924, and doesn't include the 'where the water tastes like wine' lyric. Other musicians added that later, as they took the song and changed it or molded it into new forms. And that's one of the major themes of the game -- this history of folk culture, of sharing ideas and adding your own take. It's hard to understand, in our current copyright regime, what sharing music and stories used to look like."

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