TEDxNapierBridgeWomen 2019

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After successful editions themed on Bridges and Showing Up, the third edition of TEDxNapierBridgeWomen is set to bring together six speakers from various walks of life. Scheduled to happen parallelly with the Global TEDWomen 2019 conference (December 4 to 6) at Palm Springs, USA, this editions theme is Bold + Brilliant. It was chosen by TED to celebrate unheard voices who are doing phenomenal work, and our event will also imbibe the same spirit, says curator and licensee Shyam Sundar.

This years line-up includes Anjali Rajgopal, identity advocate and founder of Touch PR; D Indumathi, a particle physicist working at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai; Uma Vangal, film critic and gender activist; Vaishali BK, Educator; Nayantara Narayanan, an independent journalist; and canine behaviourist, Sindhoor Pangal.

Changing perspectives

In her talk, Vangal will share tools on how, as a viewer, you can look at films differently. The focus is on popular Indian films and looking at them from a womans point of view. Audiences tend to have an emotional connect with a film, but there are no deconstructions. The Akku Leela director (a film that aided the Supreme Court to rule in favour of two Dalit women whose struggles she documented) looks forward to listening to her co-speakers too. We come from different fields and belong to various age groups. We all have things to share with the audience, but we can also learn from each other.

Giving science a new perspective will be Indumathi, who prefers demonstrating ideas through experiments with easily-available materials at home or school. It is important to simplify science without dumbing it down, says the scientist, who is part of an ambitious effort to build a neutrino detector in an underground observatory in India. Over 20 research institutions, universities, IITs etc came together in 2003 to explore the possibility of locating a neutrino lab in India. While the project has been funded and research is ongoing, we are still in the process of getting all our clearances.

Vaishali BK, a city-based educator  with a diploma in learning disabilities  plans on discussing a different take on parenting. Parents need to be mindful of everyday instances and understand how they affect children as they grow older, says the blogger who writes on early learning and parenting techniques on ammatoday.com.

But communication is not limited to the human world alone. Take, for instance, Bengaluru-based Pangal, who will be speaking about communication in the animal world, with a special focus on dogs. Canines present us with a perfect opportunity to learn how to recognise and interpret communication among animals. I see dogs, particularly free-ranging dogs, as capable of being our ambassadors into the animal kingdom, says Pangal, who founded BHARCS, a canine behaviour education academy.

Actively involved in the ethological studies of street dogs, she has also started the Lives of Streeties project (www.livesofstreeties.com).

TEDxNapierBridgeWomen 2019 will be held on December 8 at Anna University, from 2.30 pm onwards. Tickets: bit.ly/tedxwomen19. Visitors can also look forward to performances by acapella band, The Spasht, and Anartana, a dance team founded by Simran Sivakumar.

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