Weekend snow? Still too soon to tell

 abc11.com  12/05/2018 04:32:30  3  Don Schwenneker


Snow has been a big talker ever since the snow icon appeared in weather apps on our smartphones.Our meteorologist said winter weather is a possibility this weekend but when is still in question. As a matter of fact, that snow icon on your phone app has been showing up on different days because the models are all over the place. The uncertainty of the storm was enough for Governor Roy Cooper to declare this week Winter Preparedness Week.He said North Carolinians should start to prepare for wintry weather ahead of the storm.

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A cold high-pressure system to our north and a developing low-pressure system to our southwest are two important ingredients needed for a wintry event.The third ingredient is the path of the low, and there are still lots of questions on where it is headed.The storm system responsible for this possibility is currently off the coast of California. Okay, but is it going to snow? Well, Big Weather said it's too soon to tell since we won't even have weather balloon data on this system until later this week.Timing will vary and it's way too early to talk specifics, but be aware that we could see some winter weather on Sunday morning or Sunday night into Monday morning!

Regardless if snowflakes fall, Big Weather said there will be cold rain this weekend with temps hovering around 40 both days.

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