War of words vitiates political climate in Karnataka

 thehindu.com  09/13/2019 18:54:45 

The war of words between the Janata Dal (Secular) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), prolonging the political acrimony and climate in the State, continued unabated with a slew of statements by leaders of both parties here on Friday.

Housing Minister V. Somanna launched a diatribe against former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamys remarks that he had immersed himself in Dasara works, ignoring other projects, and that the BJP government had become dysfunctional.

Speaking to presspersons, Mr. Somanna said Dasara is a State festival and it is everyones duty to participate and oversee the preparations for it. The sooner Mr. Kumaraswamy realises it, the better, he said, adding that he would welcome any constructive suggestions from the former CM.

Mr. Somanna said after the conclusion of Dasara, he would spend all his time in fulfilling his duties as Housing Minister. Even now, along with Dasara, I am overseeing the functioning of my Ministry and we are involved in the construction and repair of nearly 40,000 houses damaged in the floods, he said. He challenged Mr. Kumaraswamy to swear before God and introspect about the kind of governance he provided when he was CM.

Meanwhile, JD(S) leader S.R. Mahesh, MLA for K.R. Nagar, entered into a verbal duel with Mr. Somanna and lashed out at the his reported statements that another 20 MLAs would be joining the BJP. Let the BJP take care of the rebel MLAs who are left in the lurch before trying to poach another 20 MLAs, he said.

Mr. Mahesh echoed the views of Mr. Kumaraswamy that midterm elections were inevitable in the State. However, he added that he was against it. The people of the State are reeling under floods, so holding elections is not right at this juncture. But the vindictive politics being pursued by the BJP will force an election on the State, he added.

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