Video: Six dead, 19 hurt in horrific UAE road accident  01/16/2020 15:00:31  2  Ismail Sebugwaawo /Abu Dhabi
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Six people were killed and 19 others injured after a bus rammed into a lorry in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

The crash that occurred on Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street opposite Al Raha Beach during early morning, was caused by recklessness and careless behaviour, said Abu Dhabi Police.

Police said the crash had resulted from the errant driver of a light vehicle who was driving recklessly in front of the truck.

The force said in a statement that Falcon Eye surveillance cameras recorded the crash that showed that it was caused by "reckless behaviour" from a third motorist.

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According to police, the careless driver of the light vehicle had confused the lorry driver when he slowed to take an exit. The lorry driver was then forced to suddenly brake to avoid hitting the light vehicle.

In the video footage released by police on social media, a second lorry that was travelling behind the first lorry stops in time to avoid a crash and then turns on its hazard lights. But the bus driver, who was travelling behind the second lorry, was unable to slow down in time. He then rammed into the back of the second lorry.

Six people in the bus died on the spot while 19 others sustained serious to minor injuries.

Lt. Col. Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Hosani, head of the Traffic Investigation Department at the Traffic Department for the Outer Areas in Abu Dhabi said the police operations room was notified about the crash involving a truck and bus at dawn.

"Police patrols and paramedics immediately rushed to the scene rescued the injured persons and removed the damaged vehicles from the road," said Al Hosani.

"Some of the injured persons were treated at the scene in the mobile hospital while others were quickly taken to hospitals to receive the necessary treatment."

Lt. Col. Al Hosan added that traffic was diverted from Shaikh Zayed Bridge towards Al Maqta Bridge, until the accident scene was cleared.

Besides recklessness from the third motorist, Major Abdullah Khamis Al Azizi, head of the Serious Accidents and Investigation Department at the Traffic Department of the Outer Region attributed other causes of the accident to excessive speed and the failure of the bus driver to take into account the road conditions, which led to the collision.

Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists against irrational and irresponsible behaviors that could lead to confusion and harm other and threaten their safety.

Drivers were also reminded to adhere to traffic rules and regulations, including abiding by speed limits.

Ismail Sebugwaawo

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