Video: More tornadoes spotted off UAE coast  01/21/2020 13:45:45  3  Ahmed Shaaban /Ras Al Khaimah
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While Ras Al Khaimah has seen unprecedented showers, snow, hail, and sub-zero temperature in recent weeks, the unstable weather has also resulted in the formation of tornadoes or waterspouts in the emirate.

Bu Ghaith, an Emirati national, managed to record several waterspouts in the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Ras Al Khaimah, along with Khasab and Musandam areas.

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"It is so weird to see this number of tornados in the Arabian Gulf at the same time."

"The tornados extending from the sky to the sea seem scary," he added."This mostly means stronger winds, lower temperature, and more showers on the coming days."A week ago, eye witnesses spotted a tornado off the Ras Al Khaimah coast as heavy rain lashed the country.Rashid bin Aziz, an Emirati national, managed to record the waterspout in the Arabian Gulf off Ghalila coast."I was shocked to see the cyclone that suddenly appeared from no where," he said.Meanwhile, RAK police have warned the public against driving to the mountains and valleys.

"The public is urged to call (999) in case of emergency and (901) in regular cases."

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