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Family heads in Abu Dhabi have been advised to prepare a 'home evacuation plan' that includes a simple outline of all the rooms and exits which will help their loved ones escape if a fire breaks out. In a video posted on the Abu Dhabi Police's Twitter account, the civil defence said an evacuation plan shows "your concern for your family".

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The plan should have an outline of all the rooms and emergency contact numbers. "It facilitates the evacuation procedures in case of a fire. It helps family members identify the safest paths for escaping to the assembly points," said an official.

"Each room has two exits: A door and a window. The window is considered an alternative exit for occupants and serves as an entry point for firefighters during rescue operations."

According to officials, families can conduct "simple evacuation drills" at least twice a year. "These are simple measures, but they are very effective. This is the responsibility of every family head," said the official.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence has urged families to comply with all fire safety requirements to keep their homes fire-safe, "especially during the hottest months of the year". "High temperatures may result in fire incidents, so residents must take extra precaution," an official said. The authority urged residents to check for faulty wiring at homes and not to use plugs with loose wiring and cheap cable extensions. Several fires have been caused by poor quality electric cables, improper connections done by non-professionals, short circuits and overloading of electric networks. The officials also stressed the need to maintain air conditioners and other electric appliances regularly.

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