Trump 'not going to budge even 1 inch' on shutdown, source says  01/14/2019 18:20:56 

"He's not going to budge even 1 inch," a source familiar with the President's mindset told CNN.

On Capitol Hill, there are currently no meetings scheduled and no new proposals being traded, aides in both parties say.

CNN Poll: Trump bears most blame for shutdown

That poll also shows public opinion is also against Trump on the underlying reason for the shutdown: 56% oppose a wall, 39% favor it, according to the CNN poll.

Still, Trump has cited the Washington Post-ABC News figure as one piece of evidence for why he should allow the shutdown to continue and extend his fight with Democrats, believing they will face more pressure to give him border wall funding as time wears on. He has told aides and allies that he does not plan to budge on his demand that Congress fund a border wall, two sources familiar with his comments said.

In a series of tweets Monday morning, Trump also continued to try and shame Democrats for not negotiating with him over the shutdown, though it's not clear he's offering anything different than when talks crumbled last week.

Trump has been making a point of telling his followers that he's at the White House waiting -- and is clearly frustrated he's not getting credit for remaining in Washington -- as opposed, presumably, to traveling to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

The President has repeatedly vowed not to budge from his demand over a border wall, but rejected an idea he floated last week that he would simply bypass Congress and fund a border wall by declaring a national emergency.

"I'm not looking to call a national emergency. This is so simple we shouldn't have to," he told reporters on the South Lawn Monday before leaving for an event in New Orleans.

He also rejected another way out of the stalemate that's resulted in the longest US government shutdown ever -- floated by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina -- that would have temporarily reopened the government while a broader agreement was hashed out with Democrats.

CNN's Kevin Liptak and Phil Mattingly contributed to this report.

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