UFC Fight Night results, highlights: Derek Brunson outworks Edmen Shahbazyan for TKO win in Las Vegas

 cbssports.com  08/02/2020 03:24:53 

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Official result: Derek Brunson def. Edmen Shahbazyan via TKO, Round 3

Very impressive performance by Brunson, wore down the kid and reminded why he has only lost to elite fighters in the Octagon.

Brunson comes forward and lands punches and Shahbazyan basically lays down and Herb Dean calls off the fight as Brunson steps in to throw more punches.

Round 3 is underway after Shahbazyan gets his cut checked by the doctor.

Brunson drills Shahbazyan with huge ground and pound, opening a massive cut with an elbow before Shahbazyan is saved by the bell.

Shahbazyan gives up the back, then mount and then the back as Brunson is pouring on heavy, heavy damage.

Brunson takes Shahbazyan down and is working ground and pound.

Brunson pushes him into the fence again and lands some big shots. Shahbazyan is starting to breathe very heavy as Brunson pours on the pressure.

Shahbazyan lands another good body kick and a few follow-up shots. Brunson pins him against the cage and unloads with some big strikes and hits a knee to Shahbazyan's face.

Action resumes with Shahbazyan saying he is able to see.

Shahbazyan stops and complains that he was poked in the eye, replays show he is correct and a Brunson finger caught him in the eye.

Brunson landed a solid shot before charging forward and scoring a takedown but Shahbazyan stood and ate a few left hands from Brunson.

Round 2 opens and it's only the second time Shahbazyan has gone past the opening round. Shahbazyan landed a heavy body kick to start the round.

Reminder: This fight was promoted to main event late, so it is three rounds rather than five.

Brunson lands a left hand but Shahbazyan lands an elbow before the bell. Very close round, but I'd give Brunson a slight edge. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Brunson

Shahbazyan misses a punch and eats an elbow from Brunson. Brunson almost gets another takedown but Shahbazyan was able to keep his feet under him.

Shahbazyan unloads with a few big punches and Brunson is forced to get out of punching range and regroup.

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