UAE's Mars probe team lists 3 reasons for liftoff delay  07/15/2020 22:01:00  3  Web Report/Dubai
UAE Mars probe, team, lists, 3 reasons, liftoff delay

The UAE's Mars probe team has explained why the Hope orbiter's scheduled liftoff time was delayed for the second time on Wednesday, July 15.

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- Hope Mars Mission (@HopeMarsMission) July 15, 2020

Taking to Twitter, the Hope Mars Mission attributed three reasons for the delay:

1-Unstable weather conditions in Japan2-Heavy clouds at the launch site3-Frozen air layer in the atmosphere.

The UAE Government had earlier announced that foul weather in Japan had delayed its launch. The new launch date will be announced in 24 hours.

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After a 48-hour delay from the original liftoff time and date of 12.51am on July 15, the probe was to have taken off at 12.43am on July 17 from the Tanegashima Space Centre.

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The Emirates Mars Mission has a launch window that extends to August 3, 2020.

Weather plays a central role in ensuring a safe rocket launch to space due to its impact on the upper atmosphere.

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Japan has been reeling under devastating rains and flooding, mainly in the southwestern-most island of Kyushu. According to weather forecasts, heavy rainstorms are expected to continue in southern and central Japan.

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