Two men accused of assaulting man, robbing him of Dh73,300 in Dubai  06/29/2020 16:00:00  3  Hesham Salah/Dubai
Two men, accused, assaulting man, robbing, Dh73,300, Dubai

Two Arab men stood trail at the Dubai Criminal Court, charged with assaulting a man and robbing him of Dh73,300.

According to prosecution records, the case dates back to June 2019 when the victim was parking his vehicle in the parking area of his building while returning from work.

As he parked the vehicle, the accused approached him and started talking to him regarding a payment dispute between his company and that of the accused. They demanded him to pay Dh52,000 for some work they had completed for the victim's company.

He told them that he had already issued a cheque to one of the defendants. However, the accused insisted that they should get the payment in cash. When the victim demanded them to return the cheque, they claimed it was not in their possession at that time.

When he said he had to call the accountant of the company to issue them an invoice of the payment, the duo assaulted him. After attacking the victim, they stole the money he had in his possession and his mobile phone, and then left the area.

The accountant of the company, who is a witness in the case, said that one of the accused took the money from him 30 minutes before the accused attacked the victim.

The prosecution added that videos from the CCTV at the parking lot showed that the accused assaulting the victim and stealing the victim's money.

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