Twitter users are obsessed with Netflix and Hulu's super petty Fyre Festival feud  01/14/2019 18:14:50   Alison Foreman

Talk about fighting Fyre with Fyre. 

In a surprise turn of events, Hulu has released its Fyre Festival documentary, Fyre Fraud, just four days before its competitor, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, is due to begin streaming on Netflix. 

Stealing more than some of Netflix's publicity thunder on social media, Hulu's unexpected release coincides with the publication of numerous positive reviews for Netflix's documentary. Both projects center around the fraudulent activity of Billy McFarland, the entrepreneur-turned-felon behind the infamous 2017 Fyre Festival scam—but only Hulu's features an interview with McFarland himself. 

Netflix did not immediately respond to Mashable's request for comment on the situation, while Hulu declined to comment on the record to Mashable about their decision. 

Given the apparent shade of it all, streamers are naturally weighing in on the dueling docs.

Most are focusing on the savageness of Hulu's surprise release approach, a generally effective PR art form regularly employed by Netflix. As many are pointing out, Fyre Fraud's debut came with zero warning from Hulu.

Hulu’s off-brand Fyre Festival docu, competing with Chris Smith’s debuting on Netflix on Fri, is so fresh I can’t even find it on IMDB or Letterboxd.

— Hershal (@hershal) January 14, 2019

Others are concerned about how Netflix's project will fair in light of the gotcha tactic.

Not just days before, but dropping it at the same time as the review embargo for the Netflix doc lifted. People are searching for info on the Fyre doc and SURPRISE! There's already one online.

— Charlie Ridgely (@charlieridgely) January 14, 2019

That being said, plenty of streamers excited to see the infamous Fyre Festival wreckage are pledging allegiance to both projects.

I am watching all the Fyre Festival docs. Something so uniquely satisfying seeing rich kids who don’t value money get scammed 🖤

— Sheena (@_sheenas_) January 14, 2019

I will watch every Fyre Festival doc I will read every Influencer Salad Workshop Catastrophe, probably forever.

— Jane 🍳 (@looks_last) January 14, 2019

Only time will tell how the competing docs stack up, but here's hoping there's room enough for both Hulu and Netflix atop the trash mountain that was the 2017 Fyre Festival. 

Fyre Fraud is streaming on Hulu now. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened  begins streaming on Netflix 1/18. 43f6 da35%2fthumb%2f00001

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