Twitter thinks it's cracked the case of who threatened Stormy Daniels  4/17/2018 4:18:38 PM   Marcus Gilmer

Stormy Daniels, appearing on ABC's The View talk show on Tuesday morning, shared the police sketch of the man she says threatened her several years ago to stay quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, and Twitter thinks he looks... kind of familiar. 

Things on The View seemed pretty standard right through the release of the sketch on the show, with Daniels confirming that was "absolutely" the man that accosted her. 

But Twitter has started chiming in to say that the man looks awfully similar to a super famous guy.

NFL star Tom Brady wasn't the only familiar face that came to mind. A hand full of folks saw film actor Willem Dafoe. 

Others saw someone else or, really, whoever they wanted to see. 

All jokes aside, Daniels and her attorney are actively pursuing the threat and intimidation, especially as it relates to Trump and the payout Daniels received from Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, in the fall of 2016 before the election. 

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