Trump tweets about North Korea's 'Rocket Man,' dings Hillary Clinton again  9/17/2017 1:10:33 PM   Jack Shafer
Donald Trump is pictured. | Getty Images.

President Donald Trump began Sunday with a stream of tweets taking a dig at North Korea's leader, referring to him as "Rocket Man," soaking up the praise of his supporters, correcting a typo from last night and targeting two of his favorite foils: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the New York Times.

"I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!," the president tweet.

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Trump's was referring to Moon Jae-in, current leader of South Korea, and Kim Jong Un, the North Korean strongman who has been pursuing the ability to launch missiles at any and all enemies. Presumably the "Rocket Man" reference was to the Elton John song from 1972.

The president also re-tweeted something from Daily Mail U.S. Political Editor David Martosko criticizing a former New York Times reporter for writing that Trump was "not sending a great signal on child labor" by allowing a 11-year-old volunteer to mow the Rose Garden lawn on Friday. POLITICO previously reported that Martosko once talked with senior Trump administration officials about joining the White House's communications shop.

Just minutes before, Trump sent a note of thanks to someone named Lana Del Fenty for tweeting "we love and support Trump!" — and she responded in kind with thanks and surprise ("My phone can't handle all of this omg"). It's not clear why the president singled her out for praise.

As past tweet storms, the commander-in-chief could not resist the opportunity to criticize g Clinton, who is back in the news with the release of her campaign memoir, "What Happened." The president re-tweeted a meme depicting his golf swing knocking Clinton down as she tries to board a plane. Trump has stepped up his criticism of Clinton since the release of her campaign memoir, "What Happened."

The president also re-tweeted a handful of other memes, including a map depicting him winning every single state in 2020.

A little over an hour after it began, Trump signaled that he had "Important meetings and calls scheduled for today" and after two more retweets, this time about his travel ban, the president's feed went slient again.

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