Trump reaches trade breakthrough with neighbours, delays tariffs on cars  05/17/2019 19:51:00 

Washington: Bogged down in a sprawling trade dispute with US rival China, President Donald Trump took steps on Friday to ease tensions with Americas allies - lifting import taxes on Canadian and Mexican steel and aluminum and delaying auto tariffs that would have hurt Japan and Europe.

By removing the metals tariffs on Canada and Mexico, Trump cleared a key roadblock to a North American trade pact his team negotiated last year. As part of Fridays arrangement, the Canadians and Mexicans agreed to scrap retaliatory tariffs they had imposed on US goods, according to four sources in the US and Canada who spoke on condition of anonymity ahead of an announcement.

In a joint statement, the US and Canada said they would work to prevent cheap imports of steel and aluminum from entering North America. China has long been accused of flooding world markets with subsidised metal, driving down world prices and hurting US producers.

Earlier on Friday, the White House said Trump is delaying for six months any decision to slap tariffs on foreign cars, a move that would have hit Japan and the Europe especially hard.

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