Trade talk thaw: Chinese companies renew soybean purchases  09/12/2019 22:36:33 

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      An advertisement showing the image of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bursting into flames aired during ABC's Democratic debate in Houston on Thursday, prompting a heated response from viewers.
    • Beto O'Rourke
      Beto O'Rourke condemned a fellow Texan for making what he said was a death threat against him after the Democratic presidential debate in Houston.
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      Meghan McCain offered plaudits to Joe Biden during the third Democratic presidential debate, saying he was needed to "heal" and "change" the country.
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      Sen. Cory Booker mocked Joe Biden after the former vice president told parents to play records to their kids to help them in school during the Thursday Democratic primary debate.
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      President Trump is right to want to end Americas military involvement in Afghanistan. Its gone on way too long at much too high a price and with very little to show for it. And hes right when he says that in order to end the war there, we have to talk to some pretty awful people. Only with ones enemies are negotiations for peace necessary.
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      Members of Congress have a lot on their plate. If they can come to a deal in the next few days, then topping their list of priorities will be the new United States-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement.
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      HOUSTON  An energetic start for Joe Biden in the Democratic debate helped set high expectations that the former vice president himself couldn't meet in the second half, when the mistake-prone candidate seemed noticeably fatigued.
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      ABC News chief White House correspondent Jon Karl called 2020 presidential candidate Julin Castro's attack on Joe Biden "flatly wrong" during post-debate analysis.
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      Former Vice President Joe Biden struggled to answer a question on gun control during the third Democratic debate in Houston, Texas, prompting viral claims that his teeth were falling out.
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      Former Obama adviser David Axelrod said he believed all the Democratic candidates did well in the third presidential debate except Julin Castro.
    • John Bolton is seen on the left at Leave headquarters in London during the night of the Brexit referendum. Dan Hannan, the author of this piece, stands on the right.
      Heres something you dont know about John Bolton: He was the only foreigner  not just the only American, but the only foreigner  in the headquarters of Vote Leave when the Brexit referendum results came down in 2016.
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      When it comes to spending fights, Congress just cant seem to avoid them.
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      Legendary military commander retired Marine Corps Gen. Jim Mattis is on a whirlwind publicity tour promoting his book Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead, which he co-authored with Bing West. Washington Examiner senior writer Jamie McIntyre covered Mattis both when he was in uniform and during his stint as President Trumps first defense secretary. The two spoke by phone last week, after McIntyre promised in an email that he wouldnt ask the same dumb questions as everyone else, but instead would ask entirely new dumb questions. That apparently appealed to Mattis, who immediately called. The following interview has been lightly edited for clarity and space.
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      For more than a year, the message to the Trump administration from the leaders of the American Apparel and Footwear Association has stayed the same: Do what you feel is right to curb Beijing's unfair trade practices, but stay away from the American consumer.
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      The land was purchased, the site work complete. Architectural drawings rendered and revised, then revised again.
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      MONACA, Pennsylvania  All Darrin Kelly wanted for the fracking workers in Western Pennsylvania was that the Democratic presidential hopefuls would talk to them before going to war against shale.
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