Tracking showers for your Sunday and Thanksgiving  11/22/2020 11:49:57 

TODAY:Cloudy. Spotty Showers. Breezy Afternoon. High: 54 (at the end of the day).

TONIGHT: Cloudy. Spotty Showers. Low: 54.

MONDAY: Morning Clouds & Showers. Sunny & Breezy In The Afternoon. High: 54 (early in the day).

Today, we're tracking spotty showers throughout the day. They'll be off and on, and they'll be light when they pop up. They'll become more numerous late this afternoon and early in the evening.

You can track the showers with our interactive radar.

Today, cold air gets stuck over us during the day, so we're stuck in the 40s during the daylight hours. After sunset, a warm front lifts over us, so we'll climb into the 50s. Yes, our high happens at the end of today, just before midnight. We'll stay in the low to mid 50s overnight, and start Monday morning there. Then, after the morning rush hour, temperatures drop into the 40s, and we'll be in the mid 40s Monday afternoon as colder air drops in behind a cold front.

While we have those 50s tonight, the spotty showers continue. They wrap up quickly during the morning commute, and they end as a cold front crosses. Once that front crosses, we'll quickly get sunny, and it'll get breezy. So, it'll be a colder and breezy Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, we'll have mostly sunny skies all day. Highs will just reach 50 in the Lehigh Valley and Berks County. We'll get the low 50s in Philadelphia and the Philly suburbs. If you're in the Poconos, you'll be in the mid 40s.

On Wednesday, we start out sunny, but it gets cloudy in the afternoon. Showers arrive late in the afternoon, and they stick around Wednesday night and Thanksgiving morning. But, they'll be real light and real spotty Thanksgiving morning. In fact, a lot of spots will be dry. Then, everyone will be dry by lunchtime on Thanksgiving.

Late in the afternoon on Thursday, we'll even see some breaks of sun. Then, it's mostly sunny on Friday and Saturday. We'll see some showers late in the day next Sunday (November 29).

FYI: NASA launched a new satellite Saturday that will help coastal communities plan for more flooding. Pretty interesting if you have a minute.



11 22 today

We'll have light showers off and on throughout the day, particularly later this afternoon and evening.


Tonight 11 21

The off and on light showers continue tonight.


tomorrow 11 22

It'll be chilly tomorrow afternoon when the sun returns. Temperatures will drop into the 40s and the wind will make it feel really chilly.


3 day 11 24

It's sunny and dry on Tuesday. Then, the showers arrive late in the afternoon on Wednesday. They continue Wednesday night, and they wrap up Thanksgiving morning. By Thursday afternoon, we're dry as some breaks of sun show up in the sky.


7 DAY 11 21

We've got 50s across the 7-day forecast. The average high is around 50.


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