Timoth�e Chalamet’s tiny Eiffel Tower keychain goes viral

 pagesix.com  12/13/2019 17:05:16   Melissa Minton

Move over, Lizzo  Timothe Chalamet just won the award for tiniest red carpet accessory.

Timothe Chalamet's red carpet keychain
Timothe Chalamet’s red carpet keychainGetty Images

The actor, 23, was very on-theme at the Paris premiere of “Little Women” Thursday, carrying a miniature Eiffel Tower keychain as an accessory.

At first, it was unclear whether the young star simply picked up the souvenir from a nearby tourist shop, or if it was part of his designer ensemble. However, Chalamet  after seeing the overwhelming positive response on social media  revealed that a fan (who identified himself on Twitter as a local student) had gifted him the keychain before he hit the red carpet.

The rest of the actor’s outfit was just as bold; he wore a fuchsia Stella McCartney women’s suit composed of a blazer ($1,495), silk tunic ($595) and trousers ($750), along with black Haider Ackermann boots that have become a staple in Chalamet’s wardrobe.

Besides the keychain, Chalamet accessorized with a Vita Fede Marianne link necklace ($150) and a few silver rings.

Perhaps the infamously stylist-averse star will continue to look to fans for outfit suggestions  and last-minute accessory additions  in the future.

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