This Overwatch-Final Fantasy mashup makes us yearn for JRPGs  6/20/2017 7:41:53 PM  2  Sean Hollister

1997 could always use more heroes. 

At least, that seems to be the idea behind this amazing re-imagining of Blizzard's wildly-popular (and CNET-favorite) team-based brawler Overwatch as a turn-based role-playing game, a la Final Fantasy VII.

Sadly, it's not a real game you can play, only a bunch of friends screwing around with video editing software on their YouTube channel. But it does serve as the latest tug on your heartstrings -- while we wait to see if the eventual Final Fantasy VII Remake will uplift or destroy some of our fondest video game memories.

This isn't the first time we've seen an epic Overwatch-Final Fantasy mashup, by the way. Check out this incredible Korean artist's site.

And speaking of video game nostalgia: here's a gallery you'd probably enjoy.

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