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The heroes of Avengers: Infinity War pulled out all of the stops in their efforts to stop Thanos from collecting all of the Infinity Stones and thus being able to kill half of the universe. While for most of the heroes that meant impressive shows of strength and wit, for Doctor Strange it meant bringing out some seriously impressive magic.

Now, one fan has tried to matched up which spell Doctor Strange used to its scene in the film. Over on Instagram, user "spidey.mcu" broke down each one of Doctor Strange's major uses of magic in Infinity War and while most of the major uses happen during the battle on Titan, the post really shows just how significant Doctor Strange's contribution was beyond, of course, the little tidbit of information that many fans continue to hold on to: that there's only one possible future in which the heroes prevail.

For fans of Doctor Strange in comics, some of the spells illustrated are fairly obvious but at least one other is something of a deep cut from comics featuring the Sorcerer Supreme -- one that the film's writers recently confirmed on the commentary track for the film's home release.

"Are those the Bands of Cyttorak that we decided? co-writer Stephen McFeely asked on the movie's commentary track. Christopher Markus confirmed while doing his best Doctor Strange impression.

"Those are the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak."

Want to see where Doctor Strange made use of them? Read on for the breakdown, though keep in mind it's not a definitive list and a few of spells and uses could also be interpreted differently but on the whole? It's a pretty cool look at Doctor Strange's power in the film.

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the mirror dimension

In comics, the Mirror Dimension is a parallel dimension that allows the user to practice their abilities as well as fight their enemies without it being observed by or impacting the real world. The dimension can also be used to contain threats, which would make sense why Doctor Strange would use it in the battle against Thanos.

images of ikonn

Yes, it's misspelled in the image, but the identification of the spell is accurate. The Images of Ikonn is a spell that creates visible duplicates of the person casting the spell and is intended to obscure the location of the caster as well as confuse their enemies. In Infinity War, Doctor Strange used it to try to conceal himself and thus the Time Stone, from Thanos.

crimson bands of cyttorak

A spell dependent upon the powerful entity known as Cytorrak, the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak is used to bind powerful foes. In Infinity War, that would be Thanos, but in comics the spell has been used against Juggernaut and even the Hulk. It's also worth noting that in comics, other sorcerors are capable of using the spell -- including Scarlet Witch.

ruby rings raggadorr

You might think this one is the Shield of the Seraphim, but hang tight, we're getting to that one soon. Another binding-type spell, the Rings of Raggadorr is used to bind not necessarily the strength but the powers of the person it is used against. In Infinity War, one could argue that Doctor Strange's use of this would be to prevent Thanos from access the powers of the Infinity Stones he already has collected. It's worth noting that the rings are usually blue in comics.

winds of watoomb

Confirmed by professional movement designer Julian Daniels along with a handful of other spells, Doctor Strange utilized the Winds of Watoomb early in the film when the Black Order first arrived in New York. It's a pretty handy trick, one that he used to clear the dust created by the Q-Ship.

sacred sword of vishanti

In comics the Vishanti are a triumvirate of powerful mystical beings wiht vast mystical abilities who support Earth's Sorcerer Supreme by granting them power and knowledge. For Doctor Strange in Infinity War, one of the ways that manifests is in his ability to use that power to create weapons -- in this case the Sword of Vishanti. Hey, sometimes you need a weapon when going up against Thanos. Just ask Thor.

shield of the seraphim

The Shield of the Seraphim is pretty  much what its name implie: a shield. However, backed by magic, this shield is pretty impressive and it's one that was used a couple of times in Infinity War. While some fans might argue that it's not specifically the Shields of Seraphim, both Strange and Wong use them in the film. Wong uses it to block a tree that Ebony Maw throws while Strange notably used it on Titan.

hosts of hoggoth

Part of the Vishanti along with Agamotto and Oshtur in comics, Hoggoth is one of the powerful beings that Doctor Strange is able to call upon for a variety of spells, including the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth. While some fans aren't sure that this "butterfly" spell is one that actually exists in comics, but it is pretty epic to see the Sorcerer Supreme take down one of Thanos' blasts and turn it into butterflies.

seven suns of cinnibus

Sometimes when a fight heats up, it heats up literally which is exactly what happens when Doctor Strange unleashes the Seven Suns of Cinnibus in his battle with Thanos on Titan. The spell creates an energy blast that is, as its name implies, as hot as seven suns. 


However, as is the case with a few of the powers noted, some think this might actually be Bolts of Balthakk which is one of the spells that Daniels confirmed online in a tweet back in May.

What do you think this spell -- and the others -- are? Let us know in the comments below.

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