The Tip, the Yale Coach and the Wire: How the College Admissions Scam Unraveled  03/14/2019 01:43:00   Melissa Korn, Melissa Korn The Wall Street Journal BiographyMelissa Korn @melissakorn melissashirakorn Zusha Elinson, Zusha Elinson The Wall Street Journal BiographyZusha Elinson @ZushaElinson Sadie Gurman and Sadie Gurman The Wall Street Journal BiographySadie Gurman @sgurman Jennifer Levitz Jennifer Levitz The Wall Street Journal BiographyJennifer Levitz @jenniferlevitz

Federal authorities were pursuing a securities fraud case last spring when a person involved, a financial executive hoping for leniency, said he had information of great interest on another matter, according to people familiar with the investigation.

The executive told investigators that the head women’s soccer coach at Yale University had sought a bribe in return for getting his daughter admitted to the Ivy League school, a person familiar with the investigation said.

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