'The Simpsons' featured a meme of Homer and it's so wonderfully meta

 mashable.com  01/14/2019 10:12:35  2  Sam Haysom

If you thought Inception was mind-blowing, just wait until you see a GIF of Homer Simpson using a GIF of himself.

That's right folks, this is 2019, and things are about to get freaky.

On Sunday night, The Simpsons official Twitter account tweeted a GIF from the latest episode.

That tweet has now been shared well over 5,000 times. Needless to say, it went down well.

First time I laughed hard at this show in years.

— Serious Guy (@jerjef) January 14, 2019

Some of the responses were glorious.


— willgee♿ (@thewillgee) January 14, 2019

This one probably summed it up best, though.

A+ work.

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