The Oculus Quest 2 has an optional, more comfortable head strap  09/16/2020 17:30:00   Adi Robertson
Oculus Quest 2 with Elite Strap Oculus

Facebooks Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset is being released alongside several optional accessories, including two head strap variants, Logitech earbuds and headphones, a fit pack for different head sizes, and the Link USB-C cable. As Facebook announced today, the Quest 2s base model costs $299, but getting the absolute best experience on it will cost quite a bit more.

The Quest 2 ships with a cloth strap by default. Oculus, however, is also selling a padded plastic Elite Strap that offers more support and a little bit of a counterweight for the headsets front-heavy bulk. The default Elite Strap costs $49, and a version with a carrying case and battery  which Oculus says doubles the Quest 2s two to three hour playtime  costs $129. Having used the Elite Strap, we wouldnt quite call it nonnegotiable, but its a marked improvement even considering the Quest 2s overall reduced weight.

The $79 Link cable enables one of the Quest 2s most important features: the ability to play VR games from a PC. This opens up a huge range of VR experiences you wont find in the Quests curated store, including Valves entire SteamVR platform. The five-meter Link cable is a luxury option here, since you can find much cheaper alternatives like Ankers USB-C PowerLine lineup  although theyll be shorter and stick straight out of the headset, making them less comfortable to use. But if youve got a VR-capable computer, some kind of cable is highly recommended.

The default Quest 2 uses small directed speakers instead of headphones, but they leak sound significantly into your surroundings. Logitech is selling two alternative options, including $50 earbuds and $100 over-ear headphones, both of which have custom-length cables and straps to keep them out of the way.

The Quest 2 doesnt support Bluetooth headphones, and long-cabled headphones get easily tangled while youre moving your hands in VR. But theres a standard 3.5mm jack on each side of the headset, so if you dont want to spend the extra money, you can tie back any pair of headphones youve got on hand. Sadly, Oculus isnt offering a strap / headphones combination like the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap  which you can incidentally mod onto the Quest.

The Fit Pack, meanwhile, is exactly what it sounds like  a $39 kit with two swappable face pads for different head sizes. It also comes with light blockers, which are black plastic rings you can snap beneath the lenses to block out a small light gap at the bottom of the Quest 2. (For the record, I barely notice this gap.)

Oculus has sold headphones and carrying cases before, but its offering an unusual number of add-ons for the Quest 2, possibly just to preserve the base models super-cheap  for a VR headset  price tag. Quest 2 team lead Prabhu Parthasarathy tells The Verge that Oculus isnt planning ongoing accessory releases, a strategy HTC has used to bring new features like eye tracking to its headsets. When we build headsets, we try to put a lot of thought into it being an all-in-one solution, he said. Adding things to the headset just makes it a little more awkward.

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