The First Trailer For The New Walking Dead Series Looks Like Dawsons Creek With Zombies  10/05/2019 20:55:01 
New TWD show

Here's the first trailer for the new 'Walking Dead' spinoff.

Credit: AMC

The new, still-unnamed, The Walking Dead spinoff finally got its first trailer. The show, which is coming in Spring 2020, is part of an expanding The Walking Dead Universe.

It takes place about a decade after the zombie apocalypse began, which makes it pretty close to the current timeline for The Walking Dead in which Judith, who was literally born during the outbreak of the apocalypse, is ten.

The young characters in this trailerthey describe themselves as Endlingsare too old to have been born during the apocalypse, though theyve been raised during it, much like Carl and Henry and various other kids weve seen on both TWD and FearTWD.

Unlike those characters, these ones come from a community thats nearly 10,000 strong. It appears to be a well-run, technologically advanced community, as well, leading me to wonder if this has anything to do with the people who took Rick and who Al briefly encountered in Fears fifth season.

For whatever reason, several of these youngsters set out on their own, leaving the safety of their community behind them. Heres the trailer:

Im left with mixed feelings over this. It certainly could be an interesting show about young people facing the dangers of the zombie apocalypse, and Im definitely interested in this community and how it ties in with the rest of The Walking Dead.

Its also a pretty good trailer as far as these things go, with some humor, some cool zombies and plenty of mystery. It even explains why everyone has perfect hair and clothes.

What Im nervous about is the age of these main characters. This feels a lot like AMC trying to appeal to a much younger demographic than it has with The Walking Dead and Fear, though plenty of young people watch those shows.

Will this be the teen drama version of The Walking Dead? Will we get teen romance and teen drama alongside the zombie survival stuff? Will this be the Dawnsons Creek of The Walking Dead expanded universe?

I think Im a little skeptical also because of how bad Fear has gotten. As far as spinoffs go, that show had so much potential, but they did so many things wrong.

I could keep complaining about how bad its gotten under Gimple, Chambliss and Goldberg, but the fact is they squandered the shows premise right from the beginning by skipping over the whole outbreak partyou know, the premise of the show.

Well see. I hesitate to make much of a judgment so early on.

If its well written, if these are relatable characters who were scared to lose, and if they actually do the survival stuff and make it scary, it could be a great new addition to the franchise. Im just not going to get my hopes up because, well . . .

See the first images for the new show here.

P.S. If they call this The Walking Dead: Endlings Im not sure if Ill laugh or cry.

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