Room reveals: The Block’s big bathroom fail  8/12/2018 11:07:27 AM 

WHILE a vertical garden sounds beautiful and Zen-like, in reality it proved to be a big no-no in a bathroom, especially one that’s too small to handle its wow factor.

These are the bathroom room reveals from week 1 of The Block.

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Unfortunately, The Block contestants Hayden and Sara learned the hard way that vertical gardens were not best suited for bathrooms.

The recently married couple were winners of last week’s 48-hour challenge, but got a taste of the opposite end of the leaderboard when their styling choices let them down.

They were going for a modern luxe-looking bathroom but instead got ripped apart by the judges for cramming in too many “hero” features.

“I am not liking anything that I am seeing in here, I feel this bathroom is not big enough,” judge Neale Whitaker said during the couple’s room reveal tonight.

“It (vertical garden) dominated the room and not in a good way. This feels so over the top, it’s just an ugly choice.”

Judge Shaynna Blaze described the room as having “too many heroes” from the brass tap and light finishings to the toilet and vertical garden.

However, they were commended for their floor tiles which continued up the wall. It just wasn’t enough, forcing them to the bottom of the leaderboard with a score of 21.5


Last week the couple designed the grand master of all ceilings, but this week they had a rough start with Spence taking on a tiler’s job and suffering the consequences of uneven tiles.

But they redeemed themselves with a bright, spacious bathroom that ticked all the functionality boxes, according to Whitaker.

Kerri and Spence increased their bathroom by 450mm, creating enough room for a stone top double vanity, circular shaving cabinets, a slim line toilet and massive bath.

They had white tiles on the wall, for a timeless finish.

The judges noticed the uneven tiling work and said they would like to see the couple take more risks, saying the bathroom lacked personality. They said they were confused about what kind of owners Kerrie and Spence were trying to attract.



The WA couple went for a simple and elegant bathroom with circular basins, a deep bath and accents of black with the taps.

They were commended on having ample storage and lighting with a feature light coming through the parameter of the drop ceiling, giving it a waterfall affect. That was their wow factor and the judges loved it.

Their terrazzo floor — a type of polished concrete flooring with marble chips — caused a bit of controversy. Is it on trend? Yes, according to the judges. It is an acquired taste but it worked given the simplicity of the rest of the bathroom.

You can even get away with a fake-looking terrazzo, as the couple proved. Judge Darren Palmer said it was actually easier to maintain while still getting that beautiful on-trend look.

Can’t forget that pot. Again the couple proved it’s the simple things that stand out. Blaze loved their pot in the window with a sad face. Their hanging plant was also a winner.

While Hans and Courtney won the challenge they were criticised for not having many downlights. And while the judges loved their ceiling, it wasn’t painted and the plaster wasn’t quite right.


The netballers were lucky to nab a penthouse, the best of the apartments, according to the judges. The bathroom was fitted with wooden panelling on their very high ceiling, two massive slabs of marble on the back wall, and a huge bath tub.

The judges agreed that the girls nailed their calm and luxurious brief, with their eyes particularly drawn to their main feature, the slabs of stone on the wall.

They also loved the girls’ speaker cabinet that connects to Bluetooth.

Judge Neale Whitaker really disliked the frosted windows, saying it was “awful”, and they also copped criticism for the lack of storage in their vanity.


There was lots going on for Norm and Jess, particularly with their “stone” bathtub. They were going for a luxe look, fitting their bathroom with twin vanities, black tapwear, specialty mirror and a 2.5m potted Japanese maple tree.

Rule: When shopping for a bathtub, or any home deco feature for that matter, it’s probably worth having a quick feel to see exactly what you are investing in.

Jess managed to replace her fibre glass tub with an oval “stone” tub off Gumtree, but, during the room reveal, the judges pointed out it was still plastic.

Despite the drama, they loved it saying it was a lot more practical and still looked expensive. In this case, fake was good.

If you ever doubted indoor plants, or trees, this should change your mind. The judges loved their maple tree which was made possible with the extreme height of the bathroom.

“I mean it’s extraordinary. If you’re going to have greenery in your bathroom that’s the way to do it,” judge Darren Palmer said.

They were also congratulated on their backlit walls, which helped make their simple bathroom look expensive, Shaynna said.

The judges didn’t like the position of the towel rack, saying it was not practical having it right next to the sink. And they also didn’t think there was enough storage to service two bedrooms.


Bianca and Carla | Score: 25

Courtney and Hans | Score: 25.5 (Winners)

Kerrie and Spence | Score: 22.5

Norm and Jess | Score: 24.5

Hayden and Sara | Score: 21.5


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