Texas Rangers Update Their Uniform Rotation As They Move Into New Stadium

 forbes.com  12/04/2019 21:51:00 
Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles

BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 06: A detailed view of Texas Rangers baseball hats during the game against ... [+] the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on September 6, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

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The Texas Rangers are making their move for the 2020 season from the outdoors Globe Life Park to the indoors Globe Life Field. While they were busy showing off the playing field dimensions for the new stadium and even having a little bit of batting practice, the Rangers also took the time to unveil their uniform rotation for the upcoming season.

As it turns out, the Rangers are actually shaking things up. For starters, they will have two brand-new uniforms for home games in 2020 and theyve also got a new look for spring training as well. While there werent any major color changes (and there probably never will be any for a team with their identity centered around the Texas flag), there is a new alternate logo and the uniform changes are absolutely noticeable.

While the Rangers will be carrying over their road grays and their alternate jerseys, the home whites have undergone a major change when it comes to the script logo that is across the chest. Instead of the TEXAS wordmark that theyve been wearing on all of their uniforms since 2009, the Rangers have put their official nickname back on the front of their jerseys and its also in a stylized script as well.

While the numbering and lettering on the back of the jersey is the same font as it was before, the script logo appears to be a modern and cleaner take on the uniforms that the team wore during Nolan Ryans final days as a big leaguer. Its definitely an intriguing way for the Rangers to return to the conventional baseball (and sports in general) design of having the team nickname on the front of the home uniform and putting the teams location on the road jersey. They couldve simply brought back the stylized block lettering but Im personally speculating that the Rangers probably wanted to give their fans a new look to get used to in addition to the new stadium.

Additionally, the red alternate (which includes a new hat) and blue alternate have respectively been designated as home and away alternates, so there wont be any mixing and matching when it comes to their uniform look in any particular venue. This also means that the Rangers will be wearing red hats at home and blue hats when theyre on the road.

The red hats will get a break on Sundays, though. Thats when the Rangers will break out the baby blue hats. In fact, the Rangers will be wearing powder blue from head-to-toe for Sunday home games.

Instead of just slapping the blue script logo onto the baby blue jerseys and calling it finished, the Rangers decided to go with an option where the script logo is in white with a thin blue outline and a red drop shadow. In my opinion, this is easily one of the best-looking jerseys in all of baseball and as far as the whole uniform goes, its a very nice look. Personally, I would have stuck with the red hats since I feel like a baby blue hat on top of a baby blue uniform is a bit of overkill but its only a minor complaint. Its still a very nice look and one that fits the Rangers in terms of their uniform history.

Overall, the Rangers did pretty well for themselves. Its clear that they wanted to optimize their look and with Nike coming onto the scene in MLB, Texas had a chance to do just that. As a result, theyve got themselves a look that pays tribute to their past and present while also keeping an eye on maintaining a look that will withstand whatever trends come around in the future. The baby blue uniform is outstanding and it puts the icing on what appears to be a very good uniform cake for the Rangers.

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