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 drive.com.au  03/15/2019 06:07:35 

But, today the US car maker has kept its word, unveiling the all new Model Y in San Francisco — if not twenty minutes late, in typical Tesla style. 

Company owner Elon Musk has touted the all-electric seven-seater will be the safest mid-sized SUV in the world, expected to get the highest safety rating in every category.

He also says the SUV will likely outsell the Model X and Model 3 — combined.

Included will be a panoramic sunroof that “feels just like a Model 3” according to Musk, as well as a “fair amount of range” (482km in Long Range, 370km in Standard Range) and “great handling, thanks to a very low centre of gravity”.

‘Incredible performance’ is another promise for the Model Y, with acceleration from 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds on Performance variants, while Standard Range models take 5.9 seconds to triple digits.

Autopilot, smartphone entry and exit, remote pre-conditioning, location tracking and more will also be included.

Customers wanting to get their hands on one will be able to from next year, with Performance, Long Range rear-wheel drive and Dual-Motor all-wheel drive variants on the way.

A Standard Range will also be available with a starting price of US $39,000 ($55,000 AUD) — but not until 2021.

Tesla Model Y Prices

Standard: $55,089*

Long Range: $66,389*

Dual Motor AWD: $72,039*

Performance: $84,752*

*Converted from USD, before on-road costs

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