Sylvester Stallone to debut his painting that inspired ‘Rocky’  09/16/2020 12:22:23   Carlos Greer

Sylvester Stallone is ready to debut the artwork that inspired his 1976 classic, Rocky.

Hes been painting since the 70s. He wrote Rocky, but before it was a script, it was a painting. So, his first instinct has always been to go to painting … From looking at that, he wrote the script for Rocky, gallery owner Georges Berges told Page Six.

Stallone has been working on an exhibit at Berges Soho gallery that was expected to open next month. The exhibit is now expected to open in spring of 2021.

Sylvester has been spending [COVID-19] lockdown at his Malibu beach home with his wife and three kids, but I know for a fact he has been painting and is still looking forward to his one-man show in Soho. That [Rocky] piece is going to be first revealed [at the exhibit] … Ive always wanted to highlight him as a painter and fundamentally thats who he is. He really stands his ground, Berges said.

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