Surveillance video appears to show Cuba Gooding Jr. touching woman  06/14/2019 14:45:00   Lia Eustachewich

New surveillance video appears to show Cuba Gooding Jr. putting his hand on a woman’s thigh before moving it to her breast.

The footage was taken around 10:15 p.m. Sunday at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge  where the 30-year-old woman claims the Oscar winner groped her, TMZ reported.

In it, Gooding can be seen sitting next to his girlfriend Claudine De Niro at the Midtown club when the alleged victim, in a printed shirt, comes over. The trio begins to chat as the “Jerry Maguire” leans over De Niro and appears to place his hand on the woman’s thigh.

A few seconds later, it looks as though the actor moves his hand up to her breast and then takes her hand to kiss it before another man walks up to the group.

In a second video taken a half-hour later, Gooding and De Niro are making out on a couch when his accuser approaches and begins arguing with a security guard.

The woman’s face is blurred in the video but TMZ, which obtained the recordings, claims she tells the guard, “Yes, he did.”

Gooding then gets up, stumbles over the sofa and leaves, with De Niro trailing behind him.

The star pleaded not guilty to sexual abuse charges Thursday evening and was released without bail.

His lawyer, Mark Heller, claimed the surveillance video “reveals that there was absolutely no criminal conduct and inappropriate conduct on the part of Cuba Gooding Jr., and it completely exonerates him from any criminal conduct.”

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