Superfan buys ancient Apple-1 computer for $355,500 because it's Apple  6/20/2017 4:21:02 PM   Molly Sequin

Apple fans are used to shelling out a pretty penny for the latest gadget. But last week one well-off Apple obsessive gave up $355,500 for one of the tech powerhouse's oldest pieces — the Apple 1. The sale went down at Christie's in New York City.

The computer, which is one of only 66 still in existence, was originally built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak 1976. 

The Apple-1 started Apple's catapult into fame because it was the first personal computer sold with a fully assembled motherboard. 

The Apple-1 was the first personal computer sold with an assembled motherboard.

The Apple-1 was the first personal computer sold with an assembled motherboard.

Image: Justin sullivan/Getty Images

Jobs and Wozniak worked nonstop in Job's home after landing a 50-computer order from Byte Shop. They also put together extra motherboards to sell to their friends and family. Around 200 Apple-1 computers were made when it was all said and done. The models were originally sold at $666.66.

The computers came with a motherboard, but Apple fans today wouldn't walk across the street for a product like this one. It was sold without casing, power supply, a keyboard, or a monitor. But the already assembled motherboard was enough to push Apple over the competitors and take its high rank in the tech world. 

This particular computer was expected to go for between $300,000 and $500,000, so the lucky buyer got it on the cheap end. Christie's noted a sale in 2013 for $671,400 and another in 2014 at an outrageous $905,000. 

Vintage Apple products have been selling for big amounts lately, like the Apple sneakers pricing in at $15,000. So you might want to think twice before getting rid of your next Apple item. You never know how much it could be worth someday. 

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