Combating coronavirus: Stranded expats find happiness, hope amid Covid-19 on Eid  05/23/2020 22:01:00   Ashwani Kumar /Abu Dhabi
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A pandemic - coupled with a #StayHome Eid - is a test for which stranded expats were not prepared. However, as they mark the festival, they still see light at end of tunnel.

Mohammed Imran, a blue-collar worker who has been stuck in Abu Dhabi for two months now, is confident that the Eid will bring better days ahead.

"My company is temporarily shut. I am on unpaid leave for months now. I hope to head back home and fly to Hyderabad soon. I am always praying and I am sure that Allah will find a way out for me," Imran said.

"My friends will get together and prepare biryani. That's the only celebration we will have," he added.

Rana Ijaz came on visit visa and has been stranded in the country for two months now. As he awaits his return to Pakistan, he is counting on food kits to be provided by social workers for Eid.

"This was an unforgettable month of Ramadan. We were tested like never before. I struggled but there are more people like me who are facing issues. I will continue my prayers until we have relief from this pandemic."

Syed Hussain and his three brothers are looking forward to celebrating Eid, their first source of happiness in a while.

"We have lost jobs. We want to return home to Pakistan. We have prayed five times and the rest of the day for the entire Ramadan month. We never expected our world to change like this. We hope for a solution now. We are counting on this Eid. We know things will change," he said.

Ashwani Kumar

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