#StayHome, stay fit: UAE residents working out to boost immunity in coronavirus self-quarantine

 khaleejtimes.com  04/10/2020 13:34:37  2  Ashwani Kumar /Abu Dhabi
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Residents in quarantine are focusing on fitness and health to boost immunity in a bid to fight Covid-19 with the mantra: 'Stay home, Stay fit'.Noli Arcallana, 37-year-old expat, said physical activity is crucial when people stay indoors, especially under quarantine. "There was a suspected case in my company and we were all asked to self-quarantine. Initial days of staying indoors were tough. It was all getting worried whether or not you have coronavirus. To beat the stress and boost immunity, I began exercising. Now, I don't lose sleep and am no more anxious."The new pattern of exercise has become a habit now. "I have purchased new equipment to exercise. Sweating is good for health. My advice to others is to exercise and eat right. Instead of fretting over the coronavirus, bingeing and wasting time watching television or social media, it's better to exercise. This will help reduce stress," Arcallana said.Others in his building, who are in quarantine, have also started the exercise routine. When they get together on the rooftop, they follow social distancing norms and preventive measures.Elmer Gajo, another resident, who is in quarantine, said people of all ages should exercise."We stay home and isolate ourselves. We neither want to spread or get infected. People should exercise as it makes you feel good. Your body and mind remain active," the 38-year-old expat said.Richard Sapiera added that workout will help to make the body fit to fight Covid-19. "I exercise to boost immunity and remain healthy. I feel good and energetic."These residents, with this first-hand experience, urge people to exercise at least 30 minutes to fight depression and feel good physically and psychologically.


Ashwani Kumar

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