State trooper dragged at high speed after traffic stop  7/13/2018 7:44:41 PM  3

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio –  Authorities say an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper dragged for a mile by a suspect fleeing at high speed from a traffic stop has escaped with minor injuries.

A dashcam video from the Highway Patrol shows 22-year-old Jamel Robert Patton dragging Trooper Michael Miller after Miller stopped him on a Youngstown street Thursday night for driving without headlights. Miller, a trooper since March 2017, was treated at a Youngstown hospital.

Patrol spokesman Lt. Robert Sellers says a second trooper had arrived to help Miller remove an uncooperative Patton from the car when he fled with Miller holding onto the door and a roof pillar. Sellers says Patton tossed a gun out the window before stopping momentarily, which allowed Miller to let go.

Sellers says Patton has turned himself in.

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