Spotify is test driving a car hardware thing called Car Thing – TechCrunch  05/17/2019 17:33:51 

For anyone following Spotify, this no doubt felt like an inevitably. As the streaming service looks to diversify, the companys already had some loose partnerships with hardware companies like Mighty. Now its looking to build its own thing.

That thing being Car Thing.

The piece of automotive hardware isnt a consumer device exactly. Spotify is actually just using it to study subscribers in-car listening habits. The voice-controlled product will be offered up to a small group of invited Spotify Premium users in the U.S. who will be getting a comped subscription in return.

Its a voice-controlled product that plugs into the cars cigarette lighter  and its apparently just the beginning of this kind of public beta user testing. We might do similar voice-specific tests in the future, Spotify explains, so dont be surprised if you hear about Voice Thing and Home Thing. 

The testing will be starting in the coming weeks, per The Verge. Spotify is no doubt looking to address rumors about its own hardware ambitions by discussing these tests publicly. If things go well, however, I wouldnt be too surprised to see these sorts of products being made available in a car or home near you.

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