Snapchat fights misinformation with interactive Snapchat COVID-19 myth-buster game  03/26/2020 14:36:00 
As the current public health situation unfolds, tech companies continue to look into ways to bring accurate knowledge to their users. Snapchat, as a typically younger-generation-oriented app, is providing a slightly different approach to promote reliable facts about the coronavirus - in a Snapchat game format. Mashable reports that now there is a new Snapchat game, which is a COVID-19 myth buster. As other Snapchat filter games, you are able to access it from the snap games list.The information the myth-buster game provides is taken from the World Health Organization. When you start playing, you receive questions about the coronavirus that you can answer with true or false and then you can send a snap of whether you got the answer right or wrong. Although this may seem too lighthearted given the current situation, education program expert Kelly Mendoza stated that young people learn a lot from games, so this way to provide knowledge is a great opportunity to engage young people and attract their attention to the situation.Therefore, the game provides a way to share accurate information about the virus, which cannot be a bad thing given the countless rumors and anxiety-spreading misinformation that the tech giants are fighting against.


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